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Why I support Manchester United

A few days ago, a couple of friends were giving me a hard time for being a Manchester United supporter because they think it a somewhat hackneyed choice given the massive following the club commands. It seemed to them like I just decided to support the first jersey I spotted in the English Premier League. Come to think of it, even if that was the way it came to pass, I wouldn’t admit to it, would I? However, happily for me, that's not the reason for my continued loyalty to the Red Devils.

Manchester United

As it happened, my regard for the club was forged in a moment of great disappointment for the football giant. Eleven years ago, I watched Manchester United lose out on the Premier League trophy by a whisker in one of the most thrilling title-chases in recent history.

In case you weren't watching or had other fish to fry on the 13th of May, 2012, it would suffice to say that when the final whistle blew in the Manchester United match, they won and were champions of the league for a full thirty seconds! That's when their noisy neighbours, Manchester City, crashed the party with two blistering goals in extra time, amd marched off with the trophy. Now if that doesn't convince you of the exhilarating rollercoaster ride football can be, then not much else will. I, for one, was sucked right in.

I was struck not just by the fickle ways of the Gods of Football but also by United's grace in defeat and the steadfastness of a club that didn't necessarily have the bountiful coffers (despite popular perception) to buy their way to the best team. Instead, they believed in tradition, discipline and investing in home-grown talent honed by a manager whose name is known even to people who wouldn't know when the last World Cup was held.

So ultimately, I support MUFC not just because they're majestic in victory but because, even in the dying minutes of a game they're losing terribly, you can never count them out. After all, not for nothing was the phrase 'Fergie time' coined to reflect the scintillating energy that results in a tremendous number of late goals scored by Manchester United sides in the final moments of a game. To keep playing as if you could change a loss into a win even when the odds are stacked against you is the United way and they continue to do just that, often enough to inspire the legend and the dream. And isn't that what all sport is about? Forget sport, that's got life written all over it. And for that reason, Manchester United shall always have my support.

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Apr 26, 2023

I've been an avid Man U fan since the late 90s. I remember watching them win the treble in 99 when they scored 2 goals in injury time to win the champions league.

Seeing their grit and determination till the final whistle has made me a United fan for life.

Ninay Desai
Ninay Desai
Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

Clearly, you have great taste! The '99 treble powered, in part, by the Class of '92 is the stuff of legend. From one fan to another - I raise my glass to you.

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